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About Zearo Agency

A hub for best talented host. Everyone is talented and we are in search of these talents. To bring out innate talent we admire each and every one that joins Zearo Agency - as a host. We have many Broadcasting platform suitable for various talents, himself a supporter of all hosts.


Zearo Agency is the official Service patner on different broadcasting platforms. We have more than 250+ host in Zearo Agency. We recruit new talents and intensify their talent, as a Broadcasting host/Streamers and also to join them in their journey of professional live broadcasting applications.

Our Features

Talent management

Talent management is the process of identifying, developing, and retaining employees with high potential within an organization. This can include recruiting top talent, developing and training employees, providing opportunities for career advancement, and creating a positive and engaging work environment that encourages employee retention. Talent management is a strategic process that involves aligning an organization's human capital with its overall business goals and objectives. Read More

Live broadcasting

Live broadcasting refers to the process of transmitting audio and/or video content in real-time over the internet. This can include live streaming events, news broadcasts, interviews, and other types of content to a global audience. Live broadcasting can be d2 through a variety of platforms, such as social media (e.g. Streamkar, UP-Live, HAYA Live), or some other dedicated live streaming platforms. Read More

Virtual coin selling

Virtual token selling refers to the process of selling digital tokens, through an online platform. These tokens are typically based on blockchain technology and can represent various assets, utility, or rights within a particular project or network. When participating in virtual token selling, individuals can purchase tokens using traditional currency, usually during an initial coin offering (ICO) or a token sale event. Read More

Talent Hunting

Talent hunting refers to the process of identifying, recruiting, and developing individuals with exceptional abilities or potential in a specific field or industry. This can include finding and hiring top talents for a company, as well as identifying and nurturing future leaders within an organization. Talent hunting can involve a variety of techniques, such as networking, word-of-mouth, recruiting from social media platforms, and other online tools to identify and connect with potential candidates. Read More

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